Samsung Intend to Sell 500+ Million Devices in 2014


According to the Korean Resource, the company Samsung Electronics is going to sell 400 million smartphones, 65 million tablets and 60 million flat-panel TVs in the next year i.e 2014. South Korean electronics giant from 17 to 20 December, is holding an event in which to share with their supervisors business units in 2014.

500 employees of units of consumer electronics and mobile communications, as well as 150 employees of the division Device Solution will be invited in this event, but mostly it will be foreign leaders and managers of Samsung. During the meeting they will discuss the state of the market and the means of achieving business goals next year.

Samsung is going to make 2014 a significant bet on sporting events like the Olympic Winter Games in Russia and the World Cup. The Company expects that it will increase sales of TVs for 5 million units, compared with the current year and 29-30% increase in smartphone sales (the company intends to sell about 320 million smartphones in 2013), increasing the gap between the second most important market player.

The manufacturer also set out to circumvent Apple’s tablet which is already available in market and as noted to sell 65 million tablets. If all goals are achieved, the total sales of Samsung Electronics and operating profit should jump to $ 138.4 billion from $ 130.9 billion in 2013, but operating profit will decline slightly to $ 23.4 billion in 2014 versus $ 24.6 billion in 2013.

The financial resources indicates that some Samsung insiders fear that the goals will not be fulfilled due to unfavorable market conditions, but the company is not surprised. Official representatives of Samsung are confident that the company’s leading position in the market and in the production of components will help maintain market share and profitability at a high level. By the way, to strengthen its position in the mobile market Samsung has recently announced the merger units to produce cameras and mobile production.