March 20, 2013

Samsung Inspired by Apple Designs for Computer Watch

Samsung is working on a computer in the form of a wristwatch, Bloomberg reported with reference to the executive vice president of mobile division of Lee Eun Hee (Lee Young Hee).

According to unofficial data, the same product is also developing the company Apple - Samsung's main rival in the market of smartphones and tablets.

Samsung is preparing to release clock

"We are preparing the product in the format hours long time ... We develop different products with an eye to the future and watch definitely are among them" - quoted by Bloomberg to Lee Eun-hee. Samsung representative did not specify what functions will have the device, as well as when to expect its appearance in the market.

As written before Bloomberg, Apple plans to release its computer clock to the end of the year.According to the agency, the work of the team of 100 people involved in the project, oversees Apple chief designer Jonathan Ive.

Computers intended for continuous wear on the body, may be the development of the idea of ​​smartphones. And for Apple, and Samsung is important first to occupy a promising market, to complicate the task competitor.

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