August 21, 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Hitting China Market on 26 Aug 2016

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 without any doubt is one of the best smartphones in the world, both in terms of capabilities and performance. But the Korean manufacturer plans to release its more enhanced version in this August 2016.

No one, and certainly not to Samsung, you do not need to explain how important it becomes for smartphone manufacturers in Chinese market. As the model or specs of any good brand is announced, Chinese market is already on manufacturing phase. The problem lies in the fact that it was on the market appeared lately and a lot of Chinese manufacturers of smartphones which are even equipped with 6 GB of RAM (or even more).

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

In contrast, the standard version of the popular smartphone Samsung has only 4 GB RAM, so in the eyes of potential Chinese customers Note 7 does not look quite as good as they prefer their local producers.

Because Samsung has confirmed that the market will introduce more "coolest" version of the Galaxy Note 7, which will be equipped primarily with 6 GB of RAM, and also with a storage of builtin 128 GB of memory for data (standard 64 GB), the second slot for the SIM card (probably interchangeably Micro SD) and processor Snapdragon 820.

Everything would be beautiful, if not the fact, that probably 6-gigabyte version Note 7 will be destined exclusively for the Chinese market - at least in the initial period of the sales representatives of the company did not rule out. However, the phone will go to other markets, including Europe. The stunning Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will most probably hit the market on 26th of August 2016.

Thus, if someone want to get hands on the smartphone, they can order the phone from China.

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