January 5, 2014

Samsung Devices Integrated Smart Home Service Platform

For upcoming CES 2014, Samsung recently unveiled a new service called Smart Home, its devices can be linked with Smart Home. Products such as smart TVs, smart handheld devices, household appliances are integrated on a single platform. In addition, Samsung also will collaborate with outside companies to expand the platform into products and services. 

As described by Samsung, the system is responsible for the management and you can easily control your house functions with an application that will allow to connect all the equipment worn, telephone, refrigerator, washing machine through a platform ... and server integration. Initially, the Samsung Smart Home features will provide 3 main services, allowing users to connect their devices from anywhere and at any time:  Device Control, Smart Home View and Customer Service.

Samsung Smart Home | Smart Living & Beyond

Device Control will allow users to control light and temperature via smartphone, while the Smart Home will also be equipped with voice commands, which will help you order the system. 

For example, if you say, "Go out" on the clock of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, then the lights in the house will be turned off. You may want to choose before the lights shut off to avoid electrical mistaken in places like the refrigerator ... 

Samsung Smart Home View service will allow users of Galaxy smartphones who could observe everything in the real-time through cameras installed in the house.

Samsung also introduced a new software protocol developed by the company called  Smart Home Protocol (SHP) to create a connection between all of Samsung Smart Home products and products from other manufacturers. Through this campaign, Samsung aims to create a platform for a new ecosystem built around these appliances. The more detailed information about the Smart Home will probably be Samsung revealed at the upcoming CES. 

References: Samsung

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