Samsung announced a mobile game controller Game Pad


The Company Samsung tries to avoid Specialized Mobile Devices, the Korean Manufacturer has not experimented in vain, and not trying to promote, such as Gaming smartphones. Game CAN be now played on any conventional Mobile phone with Appropriate accessories, such as a new kind of game controller Game PAD.

Samsung Game Pad

Samsung Game Pad is a Traditional way to work with Gaming applications, but in Contrast to the controller for “desktop” console there holder to install Branded smartphones. Manufacturer Clearly Specify the Maximum Size compatible device, IT is 6/3 inches. THUS, the controller is Suitable for All Branded smartphone Samsung , but IT is too Small for a tablet.

Recall diagonal display on the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV is 5.0 inches, and presented last fall Smartpad Galaxy Note II has a 5.5-inch screen. According to preliminary data, the new Galaxy Note III, which is expected in September this year, receive just a 6.3-inch screen. Cost game controller Samsung Game Pad is not specified.

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