July 18, 2013

Samsung and Apple to Resume Proceedings

In early August, the U.S. will resume hearings in which Samsung will try to challenge the prior verdict on blocking sales of its Galaxy tablet in the U.S.. Earlier, the court sided with Apple in the arbitration and blocked the sale of some tablets Samsung, as they have violated patents Apple.

On August 9 oral hearings of representatives appointed by the parties in the Court of Appeals of the Federal District of Washington, where he will be performing lawyers Apple and Samsung. Apple lawyers are quick to say that they are not prepared for the hearing and asked them to move the date to a later date.

About a year ago, the State of California, U.S. courts have refused to accept the arguments and Samsung have taken the position Apple, claiming that the Korean company in their products copied some points interfaces tablet iPad. Then the California court came to the conclusion that the violations found in 26 tablet models Samsung and its mobile phones.

At the same time Samsung was fined $ 1 billion for these violations. The Samsung immediately after the verdict, said they would challenge the result of the hearing and an injunction blocking sales of the tablet.

Initially, the judge issued an order blocking the launch in September of this year, while the appeal hearing was scheduled for August.

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