Samsung ahead of Apple in terms of Smartphone Sales


The leader of sales in Europe – the American company Apple – lost ground and now ranks second, behind famous Samsung Technology. IDC data reported that the South Korean company sold 4.8 million smartphones and Apple 4.6 million and fell behind by only 200 thousand.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - iPhone 4
Samsung Galaxy S4 – iPhone 4 (Photo credit: Janitors)

The rapidly growing consumer are now interested in Samsung phones which is completely justified, since the quality of toppings and a wide range of smart phones is much higher than that of the “American”, which since 2007 has provided the European market only iPhone 4. An important development was the emergence of OS Android, which provided a convenient interface to the buyer. Samsung has already surpassed, holding up the delivery of 700% smartphone shipments  where as “Apple” increased by only 64%.

The third place in sales of smartphones European market has taken the company HTC. Such a rise is an achievement as smartphone shipments last year increased by 121%. And the biggest mobile phone manufacturer Nokia has lowered its rates by 60%, and their share of the European market of 11%.