Sales of Mac Computers Are Falling


Analyst firm NPD Group noted the sudden drop in sales of Apple Mac computers in the US market by the end of July 2013. According to published information, in the United States following the July sales were down 5% from a year earlier.

NPD notes that in August and September, the fall will likely continue and the current quarter Mac finishes with weaker results than a year earlier. The company also notes that the fall in sales is due to exposure to smartphones and tablets, in favor of which consumers are increasingly redistribute budgets, in addition, there are objective macroeconomic pressures on selling computers.

Apple, on the results of the third fiscal quarter (April-June) received income of $7,47 per share. Sales amounted to $35,3 billion. Apple net profit during the quarter reached 6,9 billion, up 22% from the $ billion, from a year earlier.

According to the quarterly figures from April to June of this year, Apple sold 31.2 million. iPhone compared to 26 million. for the same quarter last year. The gross margin rate in this business remained unchanged-36.9%. IPad sales decreased by 14% to 14.6 million. pieces. In the current quarter, Apple forecast sales of $ -37 billion.

Source: Emerging

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