July 8, 2014

Russian "Smart Home Technology" XXI Century

Fashion world theme "smart home technology" in a residential building, it seems, is in no hurry to Russia. Builders do not want to do it, because that's expensive, and energy-saving technologies for home buyers so far to the bulb - it is not a decisive factor when choosing a new building of the XXI century. What "smart technology" used in the projects of residential construction leading Russian developers - read the review "RBC Real Estate."

At the beginning of the preparation of this article the head of the analytical center of Est-a-tet Denis Bobkov gave disappointing comment: "Since all the" smart home technology "cost money, in Russia, they are still used in an office building . " In residential construction, he said, a "smart" enough ...

Lack of production and demand for technology of "smart home technology" in a broad range of developers in Russia has led to the fact that the price is high. Therefore afford them may not all projects. The complexity of the application of innovative technologies is not only expensive, but also in existing building, which do not include their use. "Therefore, to truly innovative solutions currently on the market a little bit, those that have come to practical use, even less," - said the director of the investment department Tekta Group Semchyshyn novel.

Moreover, the phrase "smart home technology" among developers is not very popular. "We try to avoid the phrase" smart home "because of poor translation, jaded and many definitions that have been given this concept popular consciousness today - say, the press service of the Civil Code" SU-155. "- To refer to technology, we prefer the phrase" system Automation "."

"The control system in the" smart home "provides a coherent all engineering that for residents means maximum comfort in everyday life - provides an explanation for the concept of general director of" Tsarina-Comfort "Pavel Zykov. - However, the wide application of this technology in Russia is severely hampered because there is no tools to keep the cost of a square meter at a reasonable level in the case of the construction of "smart home." Therefore, technology is being used in part - in the accounting and energy savings, access control, fire and security systems. "

However, all market participants - representatives from developers, management companies and realtors interviewed editors "RBC Real Estate", "smart home" is the set of automated systems: security (control of the state of engineering, fire safety, security systems, snow and ice roof, ramps, etc.), energy efficiency and comfort (providing a comfortable location - systems of heating, cooling, ventilation, etc., programming techniques, for example, a set of bath with a certain temperature for the arrival of the owner).

In this energy-saving component of the concept of "smart home" usually includes:

• waste energy recovery system;

• effective conditioning system that protects the house from overheating in the summer in order to save the cost of its cooling;

• the use of optical devices for automation on and off lighting;

• Waste Management (the separate collection and subsequent processing);

• efficient water use (Santekhpribor consumption of sensors, the use of storm water for technical purposes);

• the use of a safe and healthy materials.

You saw these houses in Russia? No? And they are ...

Examples of Smart Home Technology Buildings

One of the first examples of "smart" buildings in the segment of mass housing can be called a house in Moscow, near Zhulebino. In 2009, as part of an innovative project "Digital Zhulebino region" in the south-east of the capital has its first "smart home", where almost all the systems controlled by the computer. From the usual high-rise buildings it has a unique energy system based on the use of information technology. The temperature in the room should be special sensors, which also helps to identify unauthorized leakage of heat.

Continuing the "smart" theme in the segment of economy-class and comfort, not to mention and the Moscow district "Tsarina" (pictured above). "One of the projects which have been used elements of intelligent technologies, a" Tsarina ", - says CEO of the management company" Tsaritsyno-Comfort "Pavel Zykov. - So, in homes installed metering system, which collects information from the meters, and at regular intervals automatically transfers it into a single control center. Thus, everyone in the online way of knowing how much it spends energy and water. "

The press service of the Civil Code "SU-155" brought their own examples of "smart" multi-family homes. For example, in the Moscow district "Molzhaninovo" (street Sinyavinskaya) constructed the SU-155 for military families under contract with the Ministry of Defence, the house equipped with individual points of registration and regulation of heat. These systems normalize home heating mode, set the optimal temperature in the apartments, heat savings, provide an opportunity to tenants pay heating according to actual consumption, increase crash resistance of each object.

In one of the houses of the neighborhood "Redridge" (developer HC "SU-155") in the floodplain Pavshinskaya an automatic telemetry system metering of heat and water. In fact, it is an online monitoring system in real time. The system allows you to receive feedback from the meters, thus dispatching service management company knows how many resources are consumed every apartment, and will be notified of deficiencies.

Of particular interest in the portfolio of SU-155 is an experimental house built on the technology of permanent formwork in the Volga - the satellite city of Volgograd. Built a house in a residential complex "Coastal Quarter" and is included in the pilot project of the federal program "Energy efficient housing." Engineering unit home involves partial water heating by the sun, which will allow residents to save on bills for hot water, especially in summer. The project involves the use of technology regenerative air. It allows you to use the warm exhaust air to heat the incoming fresh air without mixing them. Passing with filtrovki and heating air system saves energy.

GC "SU-155" boasts and Kaliningrad LCD "Green Island", where each apartment has individual gas boilers for heating water. So every citizen has the opportunity to adjust the desired level of heat and paying for actual consumption. In the design of the exterior walls of the LCD used insulating finishing materials. "This approach can save up to 30% of the heat and, therefore, its budget for payment of utility bills," - told in the press service of the Civil Code "SU-155."

In the segment of business-class housing "smart" can be called LCD "Watercolors" (developer - Tekta Group) in Balashikha."Application of a ventilated facade reduces heat loss and reduce the cost of electricity used for heating - a project by a Roman Semchyshyn of Tekta Group. - Automatic fire extinguishing system with voice announcement protect objects from the fire." In addition, the well-known architectural firm "Ostozhenka" especially for LCD "Watercolors" has developed a unique light courtyards. They provide maximum natural light all premises housing complex. In the light-yard section of the windows open in non-residential premises. They are illuminated by a variable number of floors and the use of modern materials with reflective facades. In this case, by placing innovative facades on the light front from the outside section provides maximum insolation apartment complex. Glazing residential complex "Watercolors" were selected energy-saving single-chamber glazing profile KBE.Single-chamber glazing with low-emissivity glass with characteristics better than the usual double-glass. The coefficient of heat transfer resistance is 0,63-0,64 (GOST 30674-99 requirement = 0.56), which will work to maintain a comfortable temperature in the apartment at any time of year. These properties contribute to an increased heat conservation inside the building and save energy needed for heating.

In the luxury segment of the residential building "smart home" can be called respectable Moscow flat premium "House Burdenko" in Khamovniki. The main feature of the residential complex will be the use of energy saving technologies: an alternative source of power from the solar panels, the system of storm drains for the collection and treatment of rain and melt water, with subsequent return to the technical water supply etc. and manage automatic activity 'home on Burdenko "will be a special program "smart home". IP-based technology system enables multi-zone climate control, lighting control for lighting scenarios that support automatic algorithms to remotely control home appliances with infrared or online entry, electric blinds, control fire protection, intrusion, leaks, install video surveillance for a parking lot, a hall.


Of course, the plans of developers - increasing the use of "smart technology" for their projects. "Technology" smart home "we are going to use in the construction of long-term large-scale project in Mitino combining multifunctional business center with apartments and associated infrastructure (fitness center, shopping district, etc.), - the head of integrated development projects GC" Pioneer "Sergei Gayfulin. - Today is expected to receive a certificate BREEAM, used in the world construction practices to protect the environment and improve the performance of buildings."

Have promising ideas and GC "SU-155". "The introduction of automated systems is a promising challenge in the construction of GC" SU-155 ", - stated in the press service of the developer. - The share of such innovations will grow from year to year." The idea of one of the largest developers in Russia is to create a single device that will solve 90% of automation tasks apartment. It is a comfort for the residents of flats - light control, climate, security, home appliances and other devices. "We are in effect on the creation of the mass of" smart home "," - says the SU-155.

Ignat Bushuhin

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