May 18, 2014

Running diagnostics hard drive in Windows

Hard drives usually are not less reliable units than for example a change of day and night. Unfortunately, they sometimes still fail, but in most cases it is quite easy to calculate the length of time in which it can occur. Today we look at the options check the hard drive for signs of failure, which can be done independently before contact your nearest computer repair.

CHKDSK Utility

Windows-CHKDSK utility exists in operating systems from Microsoft seems ... from the creation of the world, or at least most Windows. It is used to identify and resolve problems related to bad sectors, cross-linked files, lost clusters and directory errors. Hard Disk Diagnostics Windows runs as follows:

Open the Start " , then Computer " and right-click on the drive / partition you want to scan. Open the Properties " , then the tab Tools " and click Check Now " .

SMART scan

Most modern hard drives are equipped with technology SMART (Self-Monitoring and Reporting Technology). This tool monitors the mechanical components of a hard drive, and informs users if there was a race stress, which can cause damage to the data stored on disk.

In addition, there are many free SMART party utilities that are available on the Internet. For example, one of the best software is PassMark DiskCheckup.

Utilities from the hard drive manufacturers

Hard drive manufacturers also produce their own diagnostic programs. You can easily find them on the official websites of manufacturers. They help diagnose various problems with the surface of the disk plates and a general test of the device.

Diagnostic utility of popular hard drive manufacturers:

Diagnostic Software

There are a number of free tools available on the web that will allow you to find out is not going to your hard drive will soon fail. Their use is justified in the following cases:

  • Checking with CHKDSK performed, but you are still having serious problems with the hard drive, and suspect that the surface is damaged or drive failure is inevitable.
  • You do not know what a hard drive manufacturer installed on your system and are not sure what you should disassemble your PC (warranties, etc.).
  • You have already backed up the data on your hard disk! If you suspect that your hard disk is prepared malfunction or damage to the surface, you should immediately transfer all important data to another hard drive, flash drive or cloud storage. Before performing this step is better to refrain from installing and running the diagnostic software.

In fact, if you are already informed about potential hard disk failure, it is best to copy all important data in a safe place and replace it with a new one. In most cases, a new hard drive is cheaper than repairing the old one.

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