Run Android Applications on Windows 10 with BlueStacks 2


Bluestacks Company updated its platform to run Android Applications on Windows 10 and Mac OS X. According to Bluestacks, this update is the biggest since the launch of the company in 2011. The number of downloads of mobile gaming platform currently exceeded 100 million, and the number of applications used by users in a month is about 1 billion.

As described by the company, Bluestacks debuted on the market as a player application, the emulator Android-PC environment.

The first version of the mobile gaming platform was introduced in March 2012. By the current moment the product has turned into Bluestacks 2 – mobile gaming platform, covering mobile devices, PCs, and TVs. The development of the product Bluestacks has received more than $30 million investment from companies such as Andreessen-Horowitz, Intel, Qualcomm and Samsung.

“When we started, mobile applications with their amazing graphics and sound looked great on the PC and TV – said product manager Shashi Kant Sharma. – But we have realized that a broader visual space in a natural way allows you to quickly find the desired application. This has significantly accelerated our growth in the past year.

The average user spends about 89 minutes per game in the first day of use of the application. In addition, once users find an application on a PC or TV, they tend to try to start to use them in all their devices, which provides a platform Bluestacks opportunities for development. ”

BlueStacks 2 brings the biggest update ever and introduces many new features. Multi-tasking friendly app tabs, quick action toolbar, and many more.

The platform Bluestacks 2 adds several new features, combining gameplay and search application together. For example, the product has received a completely new interface (like a browser) in which to click on advertising opens a new tab with advertising – the user can view it later, not looking up from the game. At the same time, Bluestacks 2 allows you to run multiple applications in separate tabs. As noted in the company, many users tend to use instant messengers and play games at the same time.

“Growing up, our product has attracted a whole new type of gamer – said Rosen Sharma, CEO of Bluestacks. – We noticed that avid PC gamers started to play mobile games. These people spend a lot of money that attracts developers to use our platform. On the other hand, applications such as instant messenger or e-commerce also attracted many valued customers. The platform has become a haven for advertisers.”

Bluestacks 2 allows you to quickly launch mobile apps on the big screen of Windows and Mac OS X

According to the company, this year the growth in the use Bluestacks greatly accelerated – recorded more than 220 thousand. New users are increasing every day, which is two times more than in the previous year. In turn, the official website of the company,, over the last month attracted more than 8 million unique users.

Followers Bluestacks (users Android) surpassed the size of the audience and Sony Xiaomi

“The booming market of mobile applications, the fast-paced and we – added John Gardzhiulo, senior vice president of marketing and business development Bluestacks. – Mobile advertisers are finally realized that the PC, Mac, smartphone and TV – it’s just different ways to attract the same consumers.”

Bluestacks company is based in Silicon Valley and has offices in Beijing, New Delhi, London, Tokyo, Seoul and Singapore. It is funded by companies such as Andreessen-Horowitz, Samsung, Redpoint, Qualcomm, Intel, Ignition Partners, Radar Partners, Presidio Ventures (Sumitomo Corporation Company), Citrix, AMD and Helion Ventures.

To date, the state Bluestacks – more than 100 employees.

Here is the direct link to Download Bluestacks

And here is the list of android applications which you can run after installing BlueStacks on your PC running Windows 8, 8.1, 10 or Mac.