March 14, 2013

RSS-Reader Google Reader Will Stop Working from July 1st 2013

Google Inc. has announced its intention to close the RSS-Reader known as Google Reader. The reason was that in recent years the number of users of the service has dropped, according to the Google Analytics or their calculation. In general perspective traffic increase and decrease on different websites, but shutting the service down especially on a world class level is not a small thing.

Google Reader that collects into a single stream news from different websites and blogs that will cease to exist on July 1, 2013. Now you can export your data through special service Google Takeout and can use other different online readers instead of Google Reader. Google has given this option just to facilitate the users not to loose their favorite feeds or links that they might have saved in the Google Reader Catalog.


English: Screenshot application of google read...

English: Screenshot application of google reader Česky: Screenshot aplikace google reader (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition to Google Reader Corporation will be closing along with seven more applications, such as Google Building Maker, Google Voice for BlackBerry Smartphones and Snap seed photo editor for Windows and Mac OS X.

The company is also offering a new product to use instead of Google Drive Google Cloud Connect, which ultimately allows you to store documents office suite Microsoft Office in the cloud technology. Cloud Connect can not be used from April 30th 2013.

Some Google members also suggested that the solution to the corporation due to the intention to increase the activity of the network Google+, reports news agency RBC. U.S. Internet users have already started collecting signatures in support of Google Reader.

"Do not kill Google Reader" - is the slogan of the activists.

"Change is never easy. But by focusing on the strengths, we can focus on creating great products that really help in life ", - concluded the corporation.

Google began the close confounding expectations services in 2011. Closed list of products and their individual functions has already 70 titles and which is gradually increasing with the passage of time.

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