Resident Evil 7 Will Return to the Origins of the Series


Resident Evil 6 has not received the highest marks in the profile press and the players are still criticizing Capcom, regarding in what direction the series they are taking. But the recently released Resident Evil: Revelations and a lot of positive reviews about it made ​​it clear that the fans are much closer to the horror aspect of the game, rather than entertainment and shooting. Apparently, Capcom realized it, and hence Resident Evil 7 will return to the origins of the series.

Vice president of marketing department Capcom (Michael Pattison) gave an interview to MCV, in which he spoke about the future of Resident Evil: “Of course, we have seen reviews about the sixth part of the series. Someone has loved it, someone took it more coldly. We can not ignore the negative reviews, so take all this into account. We can assure you that in the next Resident Evil, we will do the best in order to fulfill the wants of our core audience. Speaking specifically about one sixth of the likely problem was that it added a lot of content. Plus, at the same time we were developing Resident Evil: Revelations for the 3DS, perhaps because of this, RE6 was so little horror. ”

“Now it is very common to see the views that the zombie tired players. But take a look at the last of game and how good it was. Topic is still interesting for gamers, and the games market on the zombie can not be called supersaturated. As for the game of survival, Tomb Raider has shown itself very well, this project is very like our marketing department, “- concluded Pattison.

Now the expectations of the games for Resident Evil 7 has gone high with these statements. Its all part of marketing, if you are unable to provide what was expected, admit it and work more on the upcoming project. If you fail to do so, you’ll loose the trust of your brand and your product from market perspective.

Source: 3dNews

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