October 18, 2013

Reproduction of Original GTA Maps in 3D

Creator of Lemmings and the original Grand Theft Auto Michael Dailly is engaged now a days in recreating recreation of Liberty City from the very first part of the GTA in 3D. He does this, of course, just like that, with the offspring to advertise your studio YoYo Games under the speaker called Game Maker: Studio.

With the application, which allows even inexperienced in creating games enthusiasts to create their own projects, the classic card is not simply acquire their second, three-dimensional birth, but among other things, and still be completely done on HTML5 and WebGL. So, to frolic in the old streets, will need only a Web browser-to-date, and nothing more. Well, provided that the actual work Dailly will ever published.






HTML5 and WebGL is very much supporting platforms for new web-based gaming era. These games take not much more time for creation as compared to older games. Its only because of predefined actions and functions libraries available for developers. Which make it very much easier and reliable in terms of creating web-based games.

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