Get ready to say goodbye to the iPod Shuffle


The future of the iPod line remains uncertain most of the times, sometimes its on the boost, sometimes it gets shaky. The last time Apple updated the iPod nano and iPod touch in 2012. I wanted to see the updated versions on last autumn for iPad Air 2 , but things were a little different, in fact, iPod Classic all disappeared from the market shelves. The reason that I believe was that it will bring another innovative idea in the product line of iPod.

iPod Shuffle was said to be the most compact and affordable Player from Apple. In its present form it exists since 2010, and we can not say with certainty that it needs to be updated. 9to5Mac noted the occurrence of difficulties with the supply of this model. Those who wish to buy a player in the US will have to wait 7 to 10 days, while the iPod nano delivery time remains at 24 hours. Apparently, iPod Shuffle stocks are getting low across the country.

Let me remind you that the phase-out of Tim Cook iPod Classic last year quite vaguely explained unavailability of parts. Chances are good that we are waiting for a repetition of the situation with a different player. Since the advent of iPhone sales Apple players fall, and now the once lucrative business worth is not in first place for the company. Nevertheless iPod – it is an integral part of the company’s history, and the famous scroll wheel has become the unofficial symbol. Farewell to the line of players seems rather sad event.

At the last CES, Sony has introduced a new line of Walkman player on Android frightening for 1199 dollars. The device is available to 128 gigabytes of memory for storing music files, which is very close to 160 gigabytes available in the iPod Classic. Perhaps the future of the iPod looks roughly similar way in the new year we are waiting for the output iPod to iOS with more memory. But the future of compact players is becoming too vague.

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