Racing Game Angry Birds Go! Will Be Release on 11 December


Gaming Studio Rovio has officially announced a Racing Game Angry Birds Go!. It is reported by Joystiq. Its release is scheduled for December 11. Rovio is already famous for its Blockbuster game Angry Birds, which has not only covered all the mobile platforms but also is very popular among Tablets and Computers Users. Recently news were that after being so much successful Rovio has announced to Rovio Open a Gaming Channel of its own on Youtube.


Racing Game Angry Birds GoRacing Game Angry Birds Go


The company also released the first official trailer, which contains the gameplay of the project. As can be seen from it, the game will be dedicated to Carting races, to be attended by all the main characters of the series (and a variety of birds and green pigs). Players will be able to improve the devices on which the characters move. They will also be able to use the special abilities that everyone has a hero. Users can also buy special features to get special powers and boosts. The video also shows that the race will take place not only on land but also in the air.

Which platforms will the game is still unclear. The trailer states that the application itself is free, but there will be an integration with a line of toys Telepods, which are manufactured by Hasbro. It is assumed that gamers will have to buy these toys to add to the Angry Birds Go! new vehicles and open additional talents heroes.Previously, Rovio and Hasbro has introduced similar integration in the game Angry Birds Star Wars II.

Studio Rovio released Angry Birds game since 2009. Its main characters are birds that attack the base of the green pigs who are guilty of stealing eggs. In the game depending on the conditions under which this occurs are changed. For example, Angry Birds Space movement of birds affected by gravity, and the effect of sub-series Star Wars takes place on the planets of the saga “Star Wars.” Rovio has also released a single puzzle that is dedicated to only the green pigs, Bad Piggies. Users have to build from the materials at hand and vehicles to move through the levels.

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