September 28, 2013

Producer of Bioshock Infinite Opened His Own Studio

Producer of Bioshock Infinite, the popular personality Rod Fergusson, who participated in the development of projects such as Gears of War 3 and BioShock Infinite, recently opened his own studio in San Francisco. It is a subsidiary of 2K Games, which immediately will create a "New Breathtaking Project."

Its now becoming a trend or market image that when people get some importance in any company they leave and start their own company. Well I know its legal and legitimate, but in order to get fame, you are loosing loyalty to that company, but everyone has his own reasons behind everything. His benefits are somehow will surely get conflict with something, you know its a give and take option. You have to take risk and loose in return to get better.

Do publishers 2K Games already has two own studio in California: 2K Marin (BioShock 2 and authors The Bureau: XCOM Declassified) and Visual Concepts, which under the brand 2K Sports released MLB 2K sports games, and NBA 2K. About that, will move to the new company employees of the two units is not known. Representatives of the 2K Games have so far declined to give more complete information about the future of the newly opened studio.

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