June 13, 2016

Prey for PC, PS4 and Xbox One Coming in 2017

Yes, Arkane Studio has officially announced the "Prey will Reboot". At #BE3, Bethesda unveiled its game sequel called "Prey" which will be coming in 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

It is not a new sequel, yet a follow-up of the series started in 2006. People were thinking this game to be called as Prey 2 or Prey Reboot, but they simply named it "Prey". The trailer is officially available on YouTube and started by putting you in the shoes of Morgan Yu. Morgan Yu is a subject who is in a space station, who is tracked down and attacked by Aliens.

In this First-Person Sci-fi action shooter game, you have to use available weapons, tools, your mind endless capabilities to survive and kill aliens. This horror game will add a psychological twist because you have to reimagine the franchise from ground up.

The official website says You are Morgan Yu, who has gone under some horrific experiments, is designed to improve and save the human race. The year is 2032, your memories are uncertain and vague, and you have to discover the truths behind the mysterious alien force which has taken over the station.

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