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Here are some interesting and worth visiting tweets by professionals and influencers about SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing from 1st July – 2nd July 2016.


2nd July 2016 SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing

Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 2 Are We Creating Too Much Content? http://bit.ly/2ax7dUk  via @Uberflip

Unbounce shared an article written by Assaf Dudai for Uberflip explaining about the content for your website. How B2B is thriving for content, how to strategize your content before you write, don’t say invaluable things, knowing your readers and about your readers, extending content shelf life and last but not the least personalizing your website content experience. Following each step carefully will give better user experience for your website or blog.


Dan Leibson ‏@DanLeibson  Aug 2 @googlemybiz just removed the ability to edit the Description/Intro field with fields coming soon. https://support.google.com/business/answer/6262887 … cc @mblumenthal

Dan shared that Google on 1st August 2016 changed the editing ability in New Google My Business features. Further it is explained here for your quick view.

The Introduction/Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It only displays to users in Google+, and may still be edited there. Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved way to describe your business to users on Google Search and Maps.


Seer Interactive ‏@SeerInteractive  Aug 2 An oldie but goodie -> Good Outreach vs. Bad Outreach from a Blogger’s POV https://t.co/3e7eYBuUIe

Here she explained pretty thoroughly about each and every aspect you should know for outreach. From going through all these points you can get better idea to avail the best opportunities which knock at your website or blogging career.


Cyrus Shepard ‏@CyrusShepard  Aug 2

Excellent questions from today’s post: 1. Do canonicals still lose ~15% PageRank? 2. Do old 301s regain lost PageRank? https://t.co/Y04zIMI2ZQ

Ok this explains itself all, no wonder Cyrus always covered all the possible points for 301 redirect rule changes and updates. He explained 301 redirects, 302 redirect and 307 redirect. 3XX is shorthand of all 300 redirects that they all don’t effect the PageRank in any case mentioned in that post.


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 2 The Making of a Localized Digital UK #Marketing Campaign: http://bit.ly/2aixZ5X 

Stefanie Grieser compiled the complete guideline of how to create or make the localized digital Marketing campaign for UK. Main points she covered in her article contains.

  1. Create an online event for a specific region, 2. Partner with local marketers, 3. Hammer down content and speakers, 4. Market to your geo-targeted audience (and their neighbors!), 5. Nurture your leads, Is a localized campaign really necessary?


Ann Smarty ‏@seosmarty  Aug 2 9 Useful Facebook Messenger Chatbots: Marketing Examples to Learn From http://www.internetmarketingninjas.com/blog/marketing/9-useful-facebook-messenger-chatbots-marketing-examples-learn/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare … via @NinjasMarketing


duane forrester ‏@DuaneForrester  Aug 2 Google Has a Solution for People Who Obsessively Google Themselves by @SouthernSEJ


Barry Schwartz ‏@rustybrick  Aug 2 Earlier today, Google Recommends Updating Links After Moving Domains But No Critical Loss


Barry Schwartz ‏@rustybrick  Aug 2 Earlier today, Google: Why We Sell Ads, Not Search Results https://t.co/Rrrlmefmz1


Barry Schwartz ‏@rustybrick  Aug 2 Earlier today, http://Google.com  Begins HTTP Strict Transport Security Migration (HSTS)


Barry Schwartz ‏@rustybrick  Aug 2 Earlier today, Google Search Console Bug Sets All Traffic As Desktop In Devices https://t.co/KgTkSMnSWg


Barry Schwartz ‏@rustybrick  Aug 2 Earlier today, Google Indoor Gazebo https://t.co/5gsfkQ7SLQSearchMarketingExpo ‏@smx  Aug 2 Here we are in 2016, has the @Google local algorithm changed at all? http://smxpo.com/2aoFXL9  via @localseoguide


Neil Patel ‏@neilpatel  Aug 2 How to Leverage User-Generated Content to Boost Sales http://neilpatel.com/2016/08/01/how-to-leverage-user-generated-content-to-boost-sales/ …



1st July 2016 SEO, SEM, Content Marketing and Digital Marketing


Barry Schwartz ‏@rustybrick  Aug 1 ICYMI: Google says you should update links when you move but no critical loss https://www.seroundtable.com/google-update-links-move-domains-no-critical-loss-22465.html …


SearchMarketingExpo ‏@smx  Aug 1 Has the term #SEO evolved into something different over the years? http://smxpo.com/2aJkmfX 


Lee Odden ‏@leeodden  Aug 1 5 Surefire Ways to Grow Your Blog Subscribers http://tprk.us/2apGA4c  via @LinkedInMktg (client)


Brian Clark ‏@brianclark  Aug 1 Why You Should Build a Business That Shines a Light on Your Talents: http://bit.ly/2alc1wM 


Neil Patel ‏@neilpatel  Aug 1 The Proven Method to Ranking on the First Page of Google For Any Long-tail Keyword https://www.quicksprout.com/2016/08/01/the-proven-method-to-ranking-on-the-first-page-of-google-for-any-long-tail-keyword/ …


Barry Schwartz ‏@rustybrick  Aug 1 Futuristic bug with Google Search Console regarding desktop vs mobile traffic https://www.seroundtable.com/google-search-console-bug-sets-desktop-22461.html …


Pubcon ‏@Pubcon  Aug 1 Find out why Google’s 2nd mobile ranking update matters more than you might think! (video) http://buff.ly/2atGrKo 


duane forrester ‏@DuaneForrester  Aug 1 7 Things Marketers Need to Know About AdWords Store Visit Conversions by @LarryKim


Pubcon ‏@Pubcon  Aug 1 How to Create Awesome Content People Actually Want – http://buff.ly/2aFWEA8  via @VerticalMeasure


duane forrester ‏@DuaneForrester  Aug 1 Google gears up for 2016 Rio Olympics with search updates & YouTube highlight videos


Pubcon ‏@Pubcon  Aug 1 9 Useful Facebook Messenger Chatbots: Marketing Examples to Learn From http://buff.ly/2aH7J3o  by @NinjasMarketing


Pubcon ‏@Pubcon  Aug 1 Want to learn about SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media & more? Join us at Pubcon Las Vegas http://buff.ly/2aDtpw9 


Rae Hoffman ‏@sugarrae  Aug 1 How using Zapier coupled with Pipedrive revolutionized our lead management process http://mklnd.com/2afsvVg#.V5-OntIyGWs.twitter … via @marketingland


duane forrester ‏@DuaneForrester  Aug 1 Bing adds 2016 Rio Olympic Games search feature & “Events to Watch” prediction tool


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 Eliminate Jargon on Your Landing Pages With Our Free Chrome Extension: http://bit.ly/2avM7aE 

Amanda Durepos explained of how eliminate jargon on your landing pages with our free chrome extension. Process is well written in her post and link to Google Chrome Extension is here.


Shane Barker ‏@shane_barker  Aug 1 A case for integrated marketing analytics by @stephenjeske via @waxgirl333 http://bit.ly/29CYWfc  #marketing #analytics

Stephen Jeske written very good article on how to get more business with integrated marketing analysis.


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 5 emails to re-engage your subscriber list: http://mklnd.com/2aAWsBO  via @CLVboost

Another knowledgeable article by Daniel Faggella explaining 5 emails to re-engage with your subscriber list. Key points are here just for a glance: 1. Educate and sell your customers, 2. Offer exclusive promotions, 3. Push your best stuff… for free, 4. Ask for replies, 5. Use cliff-hangers in your copy.


Raven Tools ‏@RavenTools  Aug 1 Recovering Your Organic Search Traffic from a Web Migration Gone Wrong http://raven.im/1TlExgb  by @aleyda

Aleyda Solis compiled list of steps to recover your website organic search traffic from a web migration if gone wrong. The list includes: 1. Verify that the web migration is the cause of the traffic loss. 2. Identify the pages that dropped the most in traffic, conversions, & rankings. 3. Identify the keywords for which these pages were ranking for and start monitoring them. 4. Crawl both the list of pages with traffic drops & the full website to identify issues and gaps. 5. It’s time to implement fixes for the identified issues.


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 How Agency RevUnit Used Unbounce to Turn Up Conversions for School of Rock: http://bit.ly/2aauk4k  #CRO


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 11 Organic Social Media Marketing Tactics to Increase Your Reach Online: http://bit.ly/2avKB8h  via @shopify


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 Progressive Profiling: A Cure for Poor Lead Quality and Form Friction: http://bit.ly/2akjEDs 


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 Marketers, prepare for launch with this free downloadable toolkit: http://bit.ly/2aasCjN 


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 10 factors that may be impacting your organic traffic: http://selnd.com/2ajq428  via @sengineland


Unbounce ‏@unbounce  Aug 1 6 Landing Page Video Worst Practices to Avoid (And What to Do Instead): http://bit.ly/2amTbFy 


Larry Kim ‏@larrykim  Aug 1 7 Things #Marketers Need to Know About @adwords Store Visit Conversions https://www.searchenginejournal.com/7-things-marketers-need-know-adwords-store-visit-conversions/168958/ … @sejournal


Eric Enge ‏@stonetemple  Aug 1 How to implement Hreflang tags #DigitalMarketingClassroom video http://bit.ly/2atR5Bi 


Bruce Clay, Inc. ‏@BruceClayInc  Aug 1 New Google Alert widget saves us from repeatedly Googling ourselves http://selnd.com/2aswqQr  #DigitalMarketing


Avinash Kaushik ‏@avinash  Aug 1 How a Growth in Social Engagement is Also a Drop in Reach and Loyalty: http://vrl.ht/3r144  By @baekdal #smartinsights


Eric Enge ‏@stonetemple  Aug 1 Why CTR Is NOT a direct search ranking factor (video) #HeresWhyMonday http://bit.ly/2acfm2e 


Bill Slawski ‏@bill_slawski  Aug 1 All Links are Not Created Equal: 10 Illustrations on Search Engines’ Valuation of Links https://moz.com/blog/10-illustrations-on-search-engines-valuation-of-links … via @moz


Bill Slawski ‏@bill_slawski  Aug 1 Google and Microsoft are playing catchup with AWS’s cloudy power http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/07/29/canalys_cloud_numbers/ … via @theregister Will Cloud profits surpass ads?


Bill Slawski ‏@bill_slawski  Aug 1 Google: Why We Sell Advertising, Not Search Results https://www.seroundtable.com/google-why-we-sell-ads-not-search-results-22464.html … via @rustybrick


Bruce Clay, Inc. ‏@BruceClayInc  Aug 1 Google adds multi-stop support to Google Maps iOS app http://selnd.com/2aJcwDf  #DigitalMarketing


Kristi Hines ‏@kristihines  Aug 1 4 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Email Content – http://bit.ly/2abYNoy 


Eric Enge ‏@stonetemple  Aug 1 How to harness the power of Anchor Influencers in #contentmarketing http://selnd.com/29KxOyb 


Larry Kim ‏@larrykim  Aug 1 Keep this checklist on hand as a quick reference to help improve your own content strategy http://ow.ly/Q2wV302IHBl 

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