PlayStation 4 Will Support Voice Control


Sony has confirmed that a PlayStation 4 Will Support Voice Control as well as Facial Recognition by Peripheral PlayStation Camera. For the first time this has been said to show GameStop in 2013 and now these words were confirmed by a representative of the resource Polygon. This feature will be kind of some interest to the Gamers, but the difficulty may arise in different accent of people in different regions.

Sean Coleman, the Manager of improving retail sales and promotion of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, also briefly spoke about the possibilities of the camera shown in GameStop. He noted that when you add a set to their PlayStation Camera PlayStation 4, the pair began working together, improving capabilities and enhancing overall productivity.

New stereoscopic lenses will track the movements of the body in the game, and even recognize the faces of the players, which should simplify the navigation system. Sony has promised to tell a lot more details about the system closer to the time of release of consoles.

PlayStation 4 Will Support Voice Control

Sony PlayStation Eye 4

Sony has also announced a collaboration with 21 design company to provide exclusive content for the new platform. Given the wording of this phrase is to assume that the PS4 will be designed not as for the exclusive games and game content.

Price and Description of Accessories with PlayStation 4

A PlayStation 4 will be available for open market in Europe on November 29 at a price of 400 Euros. However, the console will not be shipped immediately with the camera PlayStation Eye, but you can get this accessory and always buy more for an extra 50 Euros. The package includes one PS4 Controller DualShock 4, a mono headset with microphone, Cables, Power Supply, USB and HDMI .

In this case, Sony has not announced any market restrictions or delays in the release of certain regions, as did Microsoft.