August 28, 2013

Pirates Started Handing Out The Final Version of Windows 8.1

The Internet got the final version of the operating system Windows 8.1, which is officially announced to be available for sale until October 18. It appeared on the popular sharing services in just a few hours after Microsoft announced the introduction of the final edits to the new "Win 8.1"

A preliminary version of Windows 8.1, which was available for download to all comers, came on June 26. In the operating system back button "Start", new dimensions of "tiles" and the display modes have been improved staff recruitment applications.

Final Windows 8.1, "leaked" to the network almost two months before the official release, which slightly differs in a number of improvements. In particular, the browser Internet Explorer 11 has got read mode (Reading View), that in reality has been improved with proper help system and hints at the number of embedded applications. Also came Skype, as some programs now have a button of the three points (in the style of Windows Phone), which causes additional settings .

On the Internet Windows 8.1 is available in Chinese language which indicates that very soon English version of Win 8.1 will be available in the open market and available for download for free.

Officially, the new "Win 8.1" is due to be out on October 18. Developers with MSDN and professionals registered in the TechNet, Microsoft forced to wait for this period, along with regular users, for which it was criticized by the internet community. Win 8.1 version will not be available for market, the company withdrew from the developers themselves, because they do not have time to explore innovations that change the code and test their applications in accordance with the changed API and other new features.

Win 8.1 Preview

Some analysts attribute this to the fact that Microsoft did not have time to finish before the end of the new Windows. Although RTM-version was already sent by manufacturers, the company is planning to make some changes to the final assembly 8.1 for consumers (General Availability, GA).

Credits: Vesti

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