August 12, 2013

PirateBrowser Will Bypass Internet Browsing Censorship

In honor of the tenth anniversary of the founding of the famous " The Pirate torrent resource The Pirate Bay" released a browser based on Firefox PirateBrowser 23, complete with a Tor client and built-in tools to work with proxy servers in order to speed up loading.

The Pirate Bay has been providing the users with free documents and free media files which cost many dollars for users to by but everyone knows that is illegal in respect to the authors and publishers of those files. Many cases have already been filed regarding these activities, but still we can see that this torrent site is surviving on the internet. Despite of these torrents, they have also started working to provide another platform for the users to get unlimited access to internet and websites that are restricted in countries, offices and official premises.

The new internet browser is designed primarily to overcome the blocking of censorship. With it, you can access not only to content The Pirate Bay in the countries where this resource is under an injunction (UK, Netherlands, Italy, etc.), but also to other sites in countries with strict censorship, including Iran, North Korea. Also the users of Pakistan and some other Islamic countries can use the benefits of Youtube. Previously we mentioned in an article of how to open Youtube in Pakistan, which included a software called Ultra Soft, but this time there is Vidalia. The download contains a portable firefox based browser.

PirateBrowser browser will bypass censorship on the Internet

It should be noted that a tool PirateBrowser circumvention and Browser unlike Tor, provides no user anonymity. "This simply allows the browser to bypass censorship, lift restrictions on access to sites banned by the government," - says The Pirate Bay.

Currently PirateBrowser only compatible with Operating System Windows, but, according to TorrentFreak resources with reference to The Pirate Bay, the version for Mac and Linux is already in preparation. Along with that they are also preparing a special browser with built-in torrent client.

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