May 19, 2013

Photo of the Day: White LG Nexus 4 was seen at Google I / O

As you know, the smartphone LG Nexus 4 is only available in black version. However, Google and LG are going to change the situation by introducing the device in white body. Unfortunately, this version of the device has not been officially announced, despite the fact that the conference Google I / O is an ideal time to launch such a device.

And while Google has decided not to take advantage of the event to announce a white version of the smartphone, multiple instances of a white Nexus 4 were still seen at the conference. For example, the journalists met with the employee resource Engadget Android and me Taylor Wimberly (Taylor Wimberly), which provided for a smartphone cursory knowledge.

With the exception of color performance, design and specifications remain the same - despite expectations, there is no support for LTE. The pattern on the back cover is not as visible as the black version of the smartphone. According to rumors, the white version of the Nexus 4 will be the first released to the market, a device that will be having Android 4.3. However, the version that saw employees Engadget, working under the rule of Android 4.2.1.

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