March 7, 2014

Phones with Dual-OS Will Be Released Later this Year

Karbonn Mobiles, an Indian mobile phone manufacturer is going to release a phone with dual OS (Two Operating System) later this year. These devices, with the blessing of Microsoft, will work with Windows Phone and AndroidThe company's chairman, Sudhir Hasidzh told The Times India, that "Microsoft eased rules and opens its platform to other players."

Karbonn Mobiles has signed an agreement with Microsoft, to release Windows Phones with dual boot option "in the next three months." Yet clearly understood the benefits of the two mobile operating systems on the same device, so it is likely that these phones are aimed at application developers and enthusiasts. Hardly a normal user wants to tinker with the two systems in the near future. But the question arises, that whether the contacts, messages, apps and data will be shared on both OS.

Microsoft is currently working on an update to Windows Phone 8.1, which will allow manufacturers to create low-end phones based on Windows with 4GB of storage space. Other updates mobile platform will include the Dual-SIM support, Siri competitor named Cortana, and finally the volume change phones.

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