December 7, 2013

People Did Not Buy New Computers Because of Windows 8

According to representatives of Microsoft, the new operating system Windows 8, which was released in September last year, was supposed to break the deadlock in the personal computer market. Developers new items put on the fact that the new OS will wake users interested in new computer technology. However, the miracle did not happen, and a year later, the situation remains much the same.

According to analysts of the company IDC, in 2013, sales of desktop computers on the contrary has decreased by 10% according to 2012 sales, as users do not see the need to replace old computers.

It is noteworthy that Windows 8 has played in this situation the role. Thus, given the number of modifications and changes that underwent the operating system Windows, but users refuse to purchase new devices, thus preferring familiar earlier versions of the platform.

But also realizing the fact that Microsoft is stopping the support of Windows XP, hence making it obsolete, but Chinese are requesting Microsoft, not to stop the updates and support for Windows XP.

"The emergence of hybrid devices 2-in-1, which combines the features of the tablet and laptop, many of which are running Windows, as well as branded tablets from Microsoft, should provide a new milestone in the development of the Windows platform and vendors to provide new markets for ecosystem personal computers - said IDC analyst Loren Loverde.

According to experts, despite the fact that this year the PC market reached 300 million units, tablets running Windows are added to this figure only a few percent per year.

"Despite the fact that the percentage of users go to Windows 8.1 is still very insignificant, the good news is that with each passing day the number of migrations to the new platform is steadily increasing" - summed Loverde.

Image Credits: 3DNews

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