The PC Market Will Collapse by 10% – Forecast


At the end of 2013 global sales of new PCs can be reduced by 9.7% from the level in 2012. This is evidenced by recent data research firm International Data Corporation (IDC).

To date, the main cause further decline in PC sales is a drop in demand for these solutions in emerging economies where users also prefer to reallocate their spending in favor of smartphones and tablets. In IDC predicts that the decline will continue for at least all of 2014, but in 2015 it will be possible to see growth in the range of 9%.

Emerging markets following the development shows a clear trend in the rejection of the PC.

Analysts say that the PC market experienced its peak in 2011 and That amount Would he never reach. Emerging Markets, following developed, Show A Clear Trend in the Rejection of the PC, Although IDC That note talking About the Collapse of the PC Market is impossible , as has been and remains an industry where the tablet and smartphone can not replace the PC.

Source: CyberSecurity