July 13, 2013

PC Market falls the Fifth Quarter in a Row

This year the delivery of desktops and laptops all over the world will be reduced by 10.6%. Sales of personal computers fell for the fifth quarter in a row, which is the largest decline in the history of the relevant industry. According to the method of calculation of Gartner, in the second quarter of this year, global shipments of PCs fell by 10.9% to 76 million units. Sales fell in all geographic regions. In the fall of IDC estimated at 11.4%, whereas previously the company was expecting an even more significant decline - 11.7%.

Analysts attributed the protracted slump in sales that do not attract more PC users as a phenomenon, because access to the Internet, games, and operational data can be obtained with a more mobile solutions, particularly with the cheaper tablets. In this case, Gartner and IDC say that in the foreseeable future niche PC still continues, as a number of activities still need desktop solutions.

In IDC noted that they had previously operated by the formula - one PC and one tablet in the family, but now it is no longer relevant. "Now this formula is too conservative" - ​​say at Gartner. The company claims that there has been a shift in favor of greater consumer activity toward tablets.

Both analytical companies have come to the conclusion that showed the smallest decline in the sales of Chinese Lenovo. Next to it in terms of sales is the U.S. Hewlett-Packard. Lenovo and HP are fighting for first place in the world since the beginning of this year. Lenovo sales declined by only 0.6%, which gave her a share of 16.7%, against 14.9% a year earlier. HP has reduced sales by 4.8% to 16.3% of the market, while Dell has 11.8% of the market, reducing sales by 3.9%.

According to the generalized forecast of Gartner, this year the delivery of desktops and laptops all over the world will be reduced by 10.6%, while the tablets - will grow by 67.9%.

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