September 11, 2013

Overview and Features of Smartphone LG G2

Now there are so many smart phones and have so many features, which stun the buyers for sometime. Adding confusion, many companies are now increasing their number of models, such as Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Note and Xperia Z and Z Ultra from Sony. Even LG, whose new flagship G2, we consider this time is version G and G Pro, to lure more buyers. Its becoming more and more difficult to release a smartphone with some outstanding features, something more than just a big screen and a faster processor.

For G2, LG decided to make a significant change in the physical location of telephone control, so it has a button on the rear. Three, in fact. LG believes that as the size of a smartphone has increased, the viability of the buttons on the edges now questionable. The new model is between the Pro and Optimus G in terms of size, equipped with 5-inch screen with a bright 5.2-inch IPS-panel with a resolution of 1080p. The rest of the features will be familiar to anyone who has read reviews of flagship smartphones based on Android in the last 12 months, like optical image stabilization function remote control, brand image blending functions and Android 4.2.2. There are also available some new things, including the 24 - bit / 192 kHz audio recording and playback, and it may well be the first smartphone based on Snapdragon 800 who are over U.S. stores - at the moment it is the most powerful mobile processor Qualcomm. But in proportion as the IFA and the ending appears on the horizon Galaxy Note 3 will be simple enough to transplant buttons? In fact, this is a red herring, because that's where things are much better and the reason to buy the G2, is clearly not the case.

Hardware of Smartphone LG G2

LG has not set a new benchmark their G2. Front smartphone looks pretty typical, and like many existing flagships. What is impressive - when you touch the G2, its front surface just comes alive. LG has squeezed out of a 5.2-inch screen smartphone all possible, as well as from 5-inch devices, such as the Galaxy S 4. How so? Thanks to the framing, the thickness of 0.1 inches, which is made possible thanks to the new touch sensor. Even at the top and bottom of the screen, there is only 0.4 inches of the edges to the phone. In the lower part there is a LG logo and nothing more, and the higher you will find the speaker light sensor and front 2.1 - megapixel camera. Also, the screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 2, similar to what you find on the Nexus 4 and last Lumias.

When you turn the phone - we are starting to see a little more talent. In addition to the rear of the triple button, the smartphone has a glossy coating that quickly gets dirty with fingerprints. I would advise to carry a cloth if you are prone to this.

The absence of a removable battery cover can be a disadvantage for users who want to change the battery and SD card, but it pays off fairly strong build quality, as well as the fact that you get more space for the battery. If you click on the little body, you will notice a small dent, but it is small enough that it could simply be ignored. Volume control buttons on both sides are covered matte, which means that they stand out from the background gloss number as well as providing adhesion to a little more fingers. The power button is surrounded by a LED backlight, but it's not such a light show that we could see on the switch Optimus G Pro. User has access to a variety of LED notifications on the front panel and you can choose how the smartphone will keep you informed about events calendar, alarm clock, missed, e-mail messages, phone calls, or just tell you when charging. Rear LED will only flash for incoming calls and the alarm clock.

Other buttons on the device is not present, it may seem a bit unusual at first glance. Vym take time to get used to the new location of the buttons on your new smartphone. With the G2, this time it will take twice as much. I had to get used to the way I hold my phone to place my index finger in the right place - that is a few inches taller than I usually do. Big deal? No, but, of course, the phone looks a bit more unstable in the hand than usual. LG has made some efforts to reduce the inconvenience, from two taps on the screen G2 wake up, reducing your need to reach for the power button on the rear panel.

As soon as I continued to use the G2, I became more at ease refer to the placement of the buttons. The protruding part where the power button was the most prone to shock, but it does not lead to any long-term scratching. In fact, I'd lay down the phone face down and let the Gorilla Glass 2 vypolnet its job of protecting the beautiful display G2.

Is a 5.2-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1080p limit of what we can call smartphones before classifying the device in a tablet? At the moment, yes. IPS-LCDs from LG are among the best in the business. Bright and juicy, with wide viewing angles, I have no complaints about any of them - along with the Super LCD HTC, 3, this is the level that I want to see in all future smartphones. This 1080p, 5,2-inch panel was very bright and readable in harsh sunlight, although the function of automatic brightness control did not seem to work at all on this model. Along with the display IPS, LG has added Graphic RAM (GRAM), which adds a cache for static screen image, that is, when the screen changes nichegone, the processor and graphics card does not have to communicate, allowing the computer to cool and saving battery power. LG believes that it can reduce the power consumption of the display up to 26 percent.

Going to complement the rich visual effects, LG includes support for music 24 - bit / 192 kHz for recording and listening as FLAC, WAV files did. G2 is the first smartphone that provides the volume and sound quality at the level of the CD-ROM drive, and for that it is worth praise.

Camera of Smartphone LG G2

This makes sense - to put in a couple of high-quality camera sensor (13 megapixels), and optical image stabilization, as this duo should provide clearer images with less blur and noise. Higher resolution means that your images will have to be obtained more detailed. It seems that this is the same setup we tested on the Optimus Pro G, (BSI 13-megapixel sensor, the lens is f/2.4, 9 - point autofocus and LED flash), but LG has gone further with the manual shooting modes, you can adjust .


You can also use the volume keys not only as the shutter button, but also to increase. I found that the latter was the best option. If you attempt to use the back buttons to create a snapshot, the tips of the fingers may inadvertently touch the lens. Image quality was good, although due to the recent release of new smartphones competitors, I found that the flagship company of LG bit behind HTC One or the latest model Lumia. He is still able to provide great pictures, but it often captures a lot of noise and artifacts, if the light was less than ideal.

Honorable mention goes to the regime and HDRG2, which (perhaps due to the fact that the smartphone is set Snapdragon processor 800) seems to be much faster than other smartphones we've tested before. Here there is less ghosting (edges do not overlap one image correctly) and looks in more detail than you may be accustomed to see on the HDR-images from smartphones. We are confident that the optical image stabilization can get some credit for this. You can also lock the exposure and focus - just press and hold the shutter button, then release your finger to take a photo - This is a worthy replacement double lock button and the camera is a nice feature.

Samples of the video were mostly clear, but I had some problems with the auto focus. Optical image stabilization stopped the increasingly nervous, even if the object does not move around. On the positive side, you can lock the focus on something (for example, someone's face) while recording the video by clicking on it in the viewfinder. There is also access to new software features for video cameras, audio-Zoom, which uses three built-in stereo microphone to amplify sounds in a certain direction.Unfortunately, the smartphone has only the digital zoom, meaning that any improvement in sound quality come at the expense of visual performance.

Software of Smartphone LG G2

It would not be Android-powered phone from the Korean manufacturer without some software on the side, is not it? For starters, Android 4.2.2 entails Google Now and Project Butter, but LG has added a twist, in particular, to assist those who find it difficult to get used to a different button layout.


All that you saw on the Optimus Pro G, there are at G2, a dual mode camera to record video from front and rear cameras and QSlide - floating widgets, allowing you to switch between some of the major applications (calendar, Internet and e er, calculator).

Unfortunately, as we have noted in the review of G Pro, there is still an acute shortage of applications.We'd love to see more support for video applications (Netflix, BBC Iplayer), but it's probably a matter of their popularity. It's great to see that LG holds the IR transmitter in their smartphones - I hope that this trend will continue and will free us from all consoles.

Turning to the unusual arrangement of buttons on the phone, you can double-tap the screen to wake it up (as in the last phone Nokia). You can also do the same in the status bar to bring it back to sleep.Suffice it to say that it is much more convenient than before. Drop-down menu LG has become even busier. Well, until you start off some items from the menu.

A pleasant addition to the latest interpretation of the LG Android 4.2 is the ability to choose which soft-key you want to work with multiple re-installations to home, back, menu, search. Swipe the Home screen Android enough and you will see all the new opportunities. (Do not worry, you can disable it once with all learn it). Also available is a guest mode, which allows you to lock the device so that it will be harmless to the child, or at least protected from the mischief and / or corporate espionage. Mode can be enabled via the settings menu, where you can identify the specific combination locks for guest users. You can specify which applications they can run, but programs Googlebudut still think that guests use your account, so it's worth bearing in mind.

Another feature of multitasking applications along with a QSlide Slide Aside, which will support three applications running simultaneously. I do not know how much time it saves me to control the Home button (and the view of all running applications), or simply download the application again from the home screen. After trying it once, I've never got round to it.

Performance and battery life of Smartphone LG G2

G2 has 2 GB of RAM, a 2.26 GHz quad-core processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and 16GB/32GB of non-expandable storage space. In short, it is a beast. As we mentioned in our review of the Xperia Z Ultra, it uses an improved Adreno 330 graphics processor, which means that all suschestvuschie game and, hopefully, will be relevant in the future. Be sure that all of this is true - when I ran a very demanding schedule to GTA3, I was amazed how quickly it boots and runs.


G2 is almost two times ahead of last year's Optimus G. And that's great, but the competition is literally on his heels. The new flagship of LG does not feel twice as fast, but it is the fastest Android-powered phone from all that we have seen. Voice calls are as clear and crisp, three microphones help to weed out the unwanted noise.

Smartphone LG G2 Sony Xperia Z Ultra Optimus G
Quadrant 2.0 19.138 18,966 7,513
Vellamo 2.0 2,895 2,957 2,143
AnTuTu 3.2 31.944 29.377 11,284
SunSpider 1.0 (ms) 880 431 1,283
GLBenchmark T-Rex 2.7 HD Offscreen (fps) 20 23 N / A
CF-Bench 37.120 31.702 14,372
SunSpider: lower scores are better

When it came to the battery, I had high hopes, and those hopes dashed. Now, the 3000 mAh battery may not sound like a mess (especially in conjunction with high-end processors and large screen 1080p). This is less than the Galaxy Note 2 (3100 mAh) and Maxx Droid (3500 mAh). But, rejoice, because the flagship features can still go along with a first-class battery life. With heavy use, I was easily able to cross the 20 - hour mark, with regular use of GPS, WiFi and voice calls, with the screen set at least at half brightness.


G2 took what I liked from the plate and moved it into the category of smart phones. Big, but not overly huge. Screens LG smartphones continue to be among the best, and its newest phone continues to lead among its peers. The phone battery is also not disappoint. I had no fear watch more videos, more pictures, or do not play games, because I know that the phone does not come from a distance even with very heavy use. Incredibly, the device combines the long battery life and top-notch performance. So you finally get what they missing. If you are tired of phones that do not live up to the sunset - this smartphone the best choice.

New button positions are not uncomfortable, but they require some getting used to and will be able to scare off a group of users. However, endurance Smartphone LG G2 paired with high-quality screen and powerful processor make it one of the most tempting smartphones that I've seen in the last six months.

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