July 14, 2013

Oracle has issued bonds for $3 billion

Oracle has issued bonds for $ 3 billion in fixed-and floating-rate securities, which is a first for the company this year, dollar demand. Corporation sold a 5.5-year-olds bonds for $ 500 million fixed and $ 500 million at a floating rate. Oracle offer by about 58 basis points higher than the average rate of three month LIBOR (London interbank offered rate).

Another $ 1.5 billion issued by 2,375%, up 95 basis points higher than the yield on U.S. government bonds of the same with the same maturity. Parallel to this, Oracle sells bonds for $ 1 billion and a ten-year rate at 3.625%, or 110 basis points.

Issued bonds were rated A1 is on a scale of investment attractiveness Moodys Investor Services.

Recall that last year, Oracle has sold dollar-denominated bonds by $ 2.5 billion by 1.2% with a five year maturity and 2.5% for a ten-year under a spread of 68 basis points.

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