Opera Software Introduced first SDK Based on Chromium/Blink


A few days ago the developers of Opera Software introduced a new software development kit (SDK), which is based on a library of Chromium / Blink, and is designed for TVs and receivers.


The new SDK is used to deliver content from services such as YouTube Leanback, BBC iPlayer and Spotify, and also supports video playback in CE-HTML and HTML5. In addition, it is possible to implement the platform Opera TV Store, which has recently been widely implemented in TV Smart TV .

In the words of the developers, the use of Chromium / Blink increase JavaScript performance and contribute to hardware acceleration, which in turn will use the popular Internet services.

Today the development of Opera Software is equipped with a large number of devices from major manufacturers of electronic equipment, including Philips, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, and others, whose electronics adorn living rooms, bedrooms and hallways ready.


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