Opera Internet Browser Users Reached 300 Million


The company Opera Software announced that the total number of users in the browser on its phones, tablets, TV and computers, has reached 300 million.

“300 million – is only the beginning. We will not stop here “, – assured CEO, Opera Software Lars Boilesen . “Our chosen browser has 300 million people. Today, the number of users is growing faster than ever before. We are now in the transition to the next stage. Our goal – to get a greater share of the smartphone market. ”

This is a pretty strong statement, now we’ll see what the Chrome and Firefox will do in this regard. Firefox and Google are the major competitors in the market of using internet browsers, not only on PC, Laptops but also now on TV, Tables and smart mobile phones.

Opera Internet Browser Image

Beginning this year, most of the new versions of the browser for smartphones and computers will be developed using technology WebKit and Chromium, the developers said.

WebKit well-proven. We intend to participate in the improvement of the engine. It supports all standards of interest and has the necessary speed, “- said Opera Software CTO Håkon Wium Lie . “We believe that the improvement of development and the open source WebKit and Chromium more promising than the support of its own search engine. Opera Company will make a contribution to support WebKit and Chromium. In particular, it has created the first set of patches to improve multi-column layouts. “

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