Online Game Ingress Goes Out of Beta on Google Play


Multiplayer Online Game Ingress, which was almost a year on the stage of closed beta testing, will soon be open to the public. As the head of Niantic Labs (Geolocation startup owned by Google), John Hanke, the restriction on participation in the game is by invitation has already dropped, and finally Ingress Google will come out of beta on December 14.

By the way, today began open beta testing of the game. Owners of Android-smartphone can download the game at the store Google Play and without an invitation to immediately begin the search for the exotic matter that the plot of the game has an impact on people’s thinking.

History of Online Game Ingress

Online Game Ingress augmented reality game was released in November 2012 for Android-powered devices. The gist of it is this: the players, divided into two factions (“Enlightened” and “Resistance“), collect the “Exotic Matter“, moving to locations in the real world. With the retrieved energy they need to capture the portals (in their favor as parks, monuments, landmarks and other objects) and link them together. The winner is the team that will be able to hold territory longest.

Online Game Ingress

How to Download Online Game Ingress

Over the past year, users have downloaded the app from Google Play about a million times, said the Bank. Local activities related to the Ingress, were organized in 80 cities around the world, and the “agents” (so called players) have created more than two thousand communities. The success of a startup shows that a wider audience has matured to such online games.

Online Game Ingress can be downloaded easily from here.

So far, the Online Game Ingress is only available on Android-powered devices. As expected, the 2014 version will be released for iOS.

A little walkthrough for this Ingress Game for Android is shown here.

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