October 21, 2016

The October Revolution of Apple

Apple has sent out invitations to their event, which will take place on 27 October. It is expected that during the presentation of the manufacturer show a new line of Mac computers.

The fact that Apple is preparing to put an end to a long pause in the update range of Mac computers, the press wrote on the eve of the September presentation. However, if the "apple" company confined itself to the new iPhone and Apple Watch, upsetting fans of computer technology. Expectations are the new Mac and strengthen the point that the last time the company's notebooks significantly updated in 2012. Since then, the MacBook Pro Retina screen just added, and trackpad with support for Force Touch.

However, to the delight of Apple devotees, on Tuesday, October 18, edition Recode reported that the new Mac running macOS Sierra operating system would be shown on 27 October.

Soon journalists received Apple's official invitation signed hello again ( "hello again"). Media believe that this
a reference to the first Macintosh computer, the screen is at the launch in 1984, there was an inscription hello ( "hello"), made in a graphical editor.

The event will take place on the campus of the corporation in Cupertino. The presentation is dedicated to the active sales season on the eve of the Christmas holidays. It will be a busy week for the technology industry.

"The most significant upgrade"

According to the sources by Bloomberg, Apple's developed many innovations.
For the first time since 2012, a major update is expected MacBook Pro professional notebooks. The new version will be slimmer and faster graphics cards.

Also, in place of the standard function keys, touch screen display will appear at the top of the keyboard: the virtual keys will vary depending on your application. For example, the word processor will automatically display the commands for text editing.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, famous for the most accurate forecast of the company's products from Cupertino, called the proposed changes in the MacBook Pro "the most significant update ever to represent Apple." C o said Kuo, who leads MacRumours, the new MacBook Pro will have a screen size of 13 and 15 inches, the scanner Touch-ID and connector USB-C interface Thunderbolt 3.

Expected new version of MacBook in sizes 12 and 13 inches, the Air MacBook at a rate of 13 inches, which will probably also be supported solely USB- C / Thunderbolt 3, writes Macotakara, as well as a new iMac with the graphics processor option from AMD.

On top of the list of new jobs the company Nvidia suggests that shortly, Apple is planning to re-use in computers Nvidia graphics processors. Relations deteriorated companies a few years ago, since then Apple enjoyed AMD products.

Polygon for iPad

Apple's main income is received from the sales of the iPhone. However, computers are an important segment of business corporations: in 2015, revenues from sales of Macs accounted for more than 10% of total revenue, is still ahead of the proceeds from sales of iPad and debunking long-standing predictions of some analysts about that laptops are priced out of the tablet market.

"Apple Mac is considering a test site to see something, in principle, possible.For them it is a way to broaden horizons and eventually bring innovation and iPad " - Says the analyst Above Avalon Neil Kybartai.

Sales of Macs generally did not respond to the general trend of the market downturn of personal computers, even though they passed in the second quarter of 2016, falling to 4.4 million units, compared with 4.8 million for the same period last year, to IDC data show. The experts believe that buyers refrained from buying new computers in anticipation of an update line.

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