July 20, 2013

Nokia Has Reduced the Loss by 6 times

The Finnish company Nokia in the first half of 2013 reduced the net loss by 4.7 times to 499 million euros, the company said. Loss per share for the reporting period amounted to 0.13 euros against a loss of 0.63 euros in January-June 2012. Revenues for the period amounted to 11.54 billion euros, down 22% compared to the same period a year ago.

Nokia net loss for the second quarter decreased by 6.2 times to 227 million euros. Loss per share for the reporting period amounted to 0.06 euros against 0.38 euros in April-June 2012. Revenue was 5.69 billion euros, down 24%.

Nokia has reduced the loss of 6 times

Nokia specializes in the manufacture of mobile phones and the development of software for mobile phones and PDAs. The staff of more than 123 thousand people.

In June, it was reported that the U.S., Microsoft has held talks with Nokia about the possibility of buying its assets. The parties failed to reach an agreement.

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