September 3, 2013

Nokia 515: "Classic Mobile" With Greetings from Past

Nokia has introduced a new mobile phone - Nokia 515. This is an ordinary-looking phone with buttons, claiming the title of "classic Nokia". Well everyone who have used Old Nokia mobile phones, remember it clearly.

It is noteworthy that the global premiere of new items was held in Russia. Apparently, the Finnish company is counting on loyal fans of the brand, which does not need a smartphone with a touchscreen.

Sales of Nokia 515 will start in September in Russia, Poland, Germany and Switzerland, and later go to other markets. In our country, the novelty will be sold initially only in "Euroset", while other retailers will get later.

The unit price can not be called low but its $153. For the money you can buy a good smartphone known brand - the options are many. But representatives of Nokia are confident that there will be buyers at 515.

Some people dream of a simple and convenient mobile phone with buttons that can be long "live" without charge.

Nokia 515. Photo: Marina Efendieva /

Phone is available in two colors: classic black and white. The device is lightweight aluminum housing is finished in a simple style. The unit is not "skinny", thickness of about 11 millimeters, although the weight is small - little more than a hundred grams.

2.4-inch Nokia 515 is protected by glass Gorilla Glass 2, a scratch-resistant. The mobile's built in memory is 256 MB, but it can be expanded by another 32 GB using microSD. "Mobile phone"  has received a 5-megapixel camera with continuous and panoramic photography. In addition, the camera has a mode of "self-portrait", which allows you to shoot without looking at the screen, with the help of voice prompts.

Nokia 515. Photo: Marina Efendieva /

The unit is not equipped with a WiFi-module, but it has a module HSDPA 3,5 G. Data can also be transferred via Bluetooth or through the service Nokia Slam (for photos). In addition, you can connect the device to your computer via USB.

The phone is pre-installed applications Facebook, Twitter to communicate in social networks and e-mail client Mail for Exchange.

Thus, Nokia made a push "mobile" with advanced features, which may explain its not the lowest for a non-smartphone price. By the way, Nokia 515 supports two SIM-cards that for some people is a plus.

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