Next Level for 3D-Printers to Print Human Organs


Is it possible to print on a printer living thing that will be composed of cells?

Today, the question is with full confidence you can answer “yes.”

The discovery made in Moscow this year is proof of this. This event took place on September 6 in the private laboratory of biotechnology “3D Bioprinting Solutions”, which specializes in the development in this area.

Face models printed on the 3D-printer (Wikipedia)

This unique laboratory (it is worth noting, is the first private biotechnology organization in the Russian Federation), will develop techniques for 3D biopechati bodies, as well as fabrics for bioprinterah.
“The printing process begins with the premises of human adipose tissue in special equipment. An hour later, there is created a culture of autologous (do not cause immune rejection) of stem cells required by the individual. From these cells can create the desired tissue or organ. In consequence of this is somewhat spheroids (beads) which are composed of tens of thousands of cells. Next thing behind bioprinterom who has a three-dimensional diagram of positioning. Using a syringe spheroids sprayable hydrogel according to requirement and prepared the necessary 3D models “- shared by supervisor of the enterprise.

Using this technology scientists and doctors will be able to solve the problem of immune incompatibility. Its development will be able to put an end to organ trafficking and needy patients will not have to wait for years, when there is a suitable organ. Cost of this printing is obviously according to the print and size of the parts or organs that are required to be printed.