July 3, 2013

New York City: The first among the cities got its own domain

Residents of the city will be able to register their sites in the blast zone for .NYC.

The first of the world's megacities, get its own internet domain, will be New York. This was reported on the administration of network resources.

"Very soon the business and private organizations, as well as residents of the metropolis will have a unique opportunity to register their sites in the blast zone. Nyc", - said in a statement. It can work sites hosted in New York or the telling of it. Neustar company will be the operator of the blast zone and will carry out its technical support. Recall that the city has filed a formal request for the domain zone. Nyc in 2009, the corporation ICANN, responsible for the regulation of the global address space of the Internet.

Credits: AgBeat

Now pending in ICANN are about 2,000 applications for the top-level domain names such as. App or. Pizza. Registration is carried out within the framework of New gTLD. However, a number of major cities such as New York or Berlin have applied for their domains before the program.

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