July 11, 2013

New Google Maps App Only for Androids & Tablets

Internet company Google has released updated maps for smartphones and tablets on the platform of Android, which has refused service "Locator", which allows to leave a mark on the location, as well as from the traditional offline viewing.

The new Google Maps App for Android is built on a version for smartphone iPhone, released last December. However, it is based on optimized search function. When you click on the search bar, the user will see a card selection for surroundings (like restaurants, shops, beauty salons, and so on). In the maps there will be a five-point rating system, badges of recommendation from Zagat and lists of special offers from the shops - although this functionality will be available only as long as users in the United States.

The update is improved navigation - in addition to traffic information function will be in real time to optimize the route in terms of difficulty of movement. Furthermore, in the U.S. and will be available information about road accidents.

However, Google has refused to update maps for Android from the "Locator" and check-ins. On August 9, these functions will be removed from the card, but will go to the social network Google+ app for Android. Google will stop supporting conventional off-line maps - to save the segment maps for later viewing offline mode, you now need to type in the search box OK Maps.

The updated Google Maps App for Android-based devices are already available in the store Google Play in 118 countries and in 43 languages. A version for smart phones and tablets iPhone iPad developers promise to release a little later.

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