March 17, 2017

Super Foods For Diabetes – You Must Know About Them!

Nature has delivered us with lots of amazing gifts in the form of our food. They do include fruits and vegetables at a chief position. But as this is the true fact that every fruit or every vegetable is not created to be equal in nutrients. Again here the word came; “nutrients” this little word encompasses a number of diverse components like calcium, magnesium, potassium and so on. However, we all know that for our healthy life these nutrients are how much important. Besides just these nutrients a term called “Glycemic Index” is also far important for our health especially in diabetes.


As this is one of the most prevailing diseases in the world nowadays. This is probably caused by our improper diet and poor lifestyles. If you are a diabetic person or if you have some diabetic belonging you, then you must heard it of that most of the food which encompasses joy of life is forbidden for diabetic one. You may assume that the doors of delicious food are closed for you or you may not eat them to your full.

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In making our food choices for a diabetic diet, we must consider that besides of the nutrient contents, the more important for a clean bill of health is the glycemic index of the food. This glycemic index will surely assist you to make healthy choices for a diabetic diet.

Now, what is the glycemic index? The glycemic index quantitates that how quickly a foodstuff will increase the blood sugar level. The foods with low glycemic index have the score of 55 or below. While those of high glycemic index get a score of 70 or above. It is obvious that lower glycemic index foods are healthier choices for a diabetic person.

But don’t worry about, because here we are discussing some of the foods which are allowed for diabetic people and they may eat them to their full. So, if you are diabetic, just scroll down to be happy, to get you allowed to eat more!

Non-Starch Vegetables:

The vegetables with very low or no amount of starch present in them are provided with low glycemic index (GI). This fact is also endorsed by American Diabetic Association. Moreover, they declared that the non-starchy foods contain 55 or less glycemic index. They also provide you with a low amount of calories.  They moreover, satisfy your hunger and provide you with a bunch of required minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and fibers. Some of these foods are with their values of the occupied glycemic index are shown below:

Foods Glycemic Index
Eggplant 16
Broccoli 9
Carrots 40
Lettuce 10
Onion 11
Cabbage 10
Mushroom 11
Cauliflower 16

A scientific study revealed that the low-calorie diet which consists of non-starchy vegetables proved to reverse significantly the type 2 diabetes.

Non-Fat Yoghurt Or Plain Milk:

Talking about the healthy diet, we surely add milk or milk products for good health. Vitamin D is crucial for our bones and skin, one of its chief characters is to make the bones healthy. Non-fat foods, such as yoghurt and milk, are well fortified with vitamin D, iron and other required minerals, still don’t provided with over glycemic index.

However, these dairy foodstuffs are categorized in the smart choices for diabetics as per their low glycemic index scores. As the glycemic index of skimmed milk is 32 while that of non-fat yoghurt is 33. It is revealed by a study that dairy intake, particularly low-fat dairy; decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes by 9%.


This red colored fruit, either consumed raw or cooked, is full of nutrients especially lycopene. This compound (lycopene) is far important for healthier skin as well as it also lower the risk of cancer and macular degeneration. With the presence of other nutrients as well this food (tomato) is proved to be a healthy diet. With its healthful properties, it contains the glycemic index of 15 score. This score is quiet low and allow the diabetic person to eat this fruit as much as he wants.

A study found that 200 grams (about 2 small tomatoes) of red tomatoes each day lower the risk of heart problems which are connected with type 2 diabetes.

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Green Leafy Vegetables:

Foods which are both nutrient dense and also have low glycemic index are proved to be helpful for maintain a good health as well as lowering the diabetic situation. Green leafy vegetables usually are full of iron, potassium and other minerals with a huge amount of vitamin A and K. These nutrients are required by the body to maintain a healthy position. While the quality of low glycemic index of the green leafy vegetables let them categorized in healthy choices list for a diabetic person. Among them, you can choose spinach which has the super power for instantly lowering the blood sugar level. Other than this, you can use salad leaves, kale and others in your daily diet.

Citrus Fruits To Lower The Diabetes:

It is shown through a strange but amazing scientific study that eating citrus fruits as such can lessen the risk of diabetes. While, drinking the juice of citrus fruits can increase the risk. One orange has the glycemic index range of 35-50 depending upon its sweetness. But for excessive amount of intake you should prefer grapefruit, as it is provided with GI score of 25, which is good for diabetes.

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Fish rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids:

Fish such as salmon is overloaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Thus can reduce the risk of heart problems associated with diabetes. Fish is categorized as nutrient dense food, hence provide you with healthy life as well as with low GI score saves you from diabetes. Moreover, fish don’t contain enough carbohydrates; hence they don’t promote the blood sugar levels.

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Furthermore, in some studies there is recommended to eat whole wheat flour but I really don’t recommend you for this. As wheat contains enough sugar level, eating barley instead of wheat in some cases may help you in diabetes. So, if you are diabetic and feel like a lost ball in the weeds, then here we are for you. Consume the above foods as-much-as you want to get yourself back in the world of delicious and yummy foods.

Moreover, the special ingredient to boost your metabolic rate and helps in lowering diabetes is green tea. You could find more in following article:

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