Mozilla Preparing PC keyboard and Tablet for Firefox OS


Mozilla has decided to stop issuing smartphones based on operating system Firefox OS of its own design. However, to completely throw the platform it is not going to – flowed into the network data on the future plans of gadgets, is merely based on it. But Firefox Pad is somewhat similar concept to ChromeOS, which also enables users to just use internet and some other small works.


Firefox Pad

The first number plate acts Firefox Pad, designed for surfing the Internet. There are no extra features or smart options are provided for it, in fact, it will only be used as Internet Browser. However, there is no support SIM-cards, no third party installations, and even custom applications. All that is known about the gadget – it is 10-inch. Oriented devices in the elderly.



Firefox Pi

Behind this Firefox Pad is a keyboard with a built-in microcomputer Firefox Pi. Judging by the title, it lies at the heart of the popular Raspberry Pi, a gadget aimed at the education sector and emerging in the international markets. Connect devices to TVs and monitors. Such devices can remember the older generation still finds Spectrum and BC. From more recent counterparts can lead to Asus Eee Keyboard.



Firefox Hub

Smart Router Firefox Hub is designed to be a single center for home appliances and electronics. Designed novelty at advanced users and offers including corporate firewall.



Firefox Stick

Finally, the dongle Firefox Stick will move Firefox OS TV on a regular TV. The gadget is clearly established in imitation of the same Google Chromecast and Amazon FireTV Stick. That’s just whether the new product ahead of the competition is just an open question.

At the moment, all of the above devices are concepts. We can’t say anything that when the said device will appear on the market. Prices for these Firefox devices is also not known and well it is also possible that this will not happen at all.
[via Hipertextual]

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