Movie Trailer Released on Probation in Google


Film company 20th Century Fox has released a trailer for the comedy «The Internship» (literally – “Training”), tells of an internship in a corporation Google. It is reported by VentureBeat.

The Film FOLLOWS the two Traders – Billy and Nick – Whose Career Has Been “Destroyed the digital World.” To Prove Their aptitude, They are Re-Trained in Google.

Judging from the Trailer, the Corporation to Them, in Particular, the Task of Finding the Stanford named Professor Charles Xavier, Which Moves on a Wheelchair ( Charles Xavier , or “Professor X” – one of the main characters of the comic series and Book films about the “X-Men”).

Bill and roll ispolnili Nike Vince Vaughn (Vince Vaughn) and Owen Wilson (Owen Wilson), a režisserom kartiny vystupiš Shawn Levy (Shawn Levy). Vyhod INDI FILM Heard at 7.

On the Official website Published a humorous Profile Picture for Those Who Want to Get a Internship at Google. Applicant alleged, in Particular, Asked if He Knew HIM HIS Name and What HIS Experience (of the answer “a depressing number of years”, ” almost a week “and” infinity “).