Money Back Guarantee for First Buyers of Final Fantasy XIV


European gamers who have bought a digital copy of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in the online PlayStation Network store before 27th or August 28th, 2013, are guaranteed to be returned the money spent on the game. Posted about it appeared in the official blog of PlayStation.

This is due to the fact that users who have tried to run the game on the specified dates, were not able to connect to servers – those do not work due to excessive load. As a result, the company Square Enix, which released Final Fantasy XIV, even temporarily suspended sales of digital copies of the game.

Previously, Square Enix also promised gamers are experiencing difficulty connecting to servers at startup A Realm Reborn, a week of free access to the game will be given (subscription Final Fantasy XIV is paid).

The original version of the multiplayer role-playing game Final Fantasy XIV was launched in September 2010. However, the company has collected sharply negative reviews from critics and gamers, and a year later Square Enix announced the planned restart of the MMORPG. In July 2012, the company announced that the reset in this version which will carry the title A Realm Reborn (“Revival of the Kingdom”).

In developing the new version of Final Fantasy XIV has been used a new engine, in addition, the gameplay made numerous changes. In particular, A Realm Reborn interface has changed and there are additional professions.