August 21, 2013

Mobile Malware Increased by 180%

In the first half of 2013 the number of mobile malware increased by 180%. According to experts of the German anti-virus company G Data, for the first six months of this year, it was discovered more than 519 thousand new malicious programs for different mobile platforms, especially for the Android smartphones, while in the second half of 2012, the figure was about 185 thousand.

Till date, Android is the absolute leader among mobile platforms on the number of targeted malware on it. This is not only the prevalence of gadgets running on the Linux operating system, but also the availability of emerging lately special tools (malware kit), with which the creation of malware under the force of even the most experienced users. Malware threats not only damages the functionality of phones, but also steal the privacy information of user.

Moreover, the virus writers are more often disguise malicious code in applications, which makes the analysis of such software. As a result, an infected attachment remains active for a long time on the device and can be used by hackers in their own selfish purposes. So please make sure to download the trusted vendors from the Google Play and not from any random mobile software website until its trusted brand.

The number of mobile malware increased by 180%

The majority (46%) of new mobile malware for Android Trojans are aimed among other things at stealing banking information or sending paid SMS-messages to premium numbers.

Source: CyberSecurity

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