March 5, 2013

Mobile Application Market will Reach $25 Billion

At dawn on the industry of mobile applications, namely in 2007, few could have predicted that the market will become a billion-dollar business. However, due to the popularity of platforms from Apple and Google, we can observe a boom market applications, writes CNN.

In 2013, the estimated market research firm Gartner, sales of mobile applications worldwide volume reached $ 25 billion, an increase of 62% year on year . Such rapid growth reflects a new trend in mobile communications, this year sales of smartphones have considerably exceeded the implementation of simple phones. in consultancy IDC expects vendors gadgets deliver 919 million devices, up to 2013 - is 50.1% of total world deliveries . "Most of the smartphones sold in the world - a direct result of demand in developed countries such as the United States," - the report says IDC."balance shifted in favor of smartphones, but not in emerging markets where smartphones are still not as popular," - the study said.

Google or Apple?

In 2013, the Android operating system will be at a premium from consumers. The share of OSes from Google will have 58% of total mobile application downloads. iOS from Apple will get 33%. These are the forecasts of analysts at ABI Research in 2013The company has chosen as a measure of popularity of downloaded applications and games for mobile systems. But the numbers vary considerably, if you look at the projections for download for tablet computers.

According to ABI, the total number of downloads of applications for smartphones will reach the end of 2013 the mark of 56 billion earlier this year, ABI stated that the share of the Google Android platform will make 57% of all smartphone OS this year, and iOS will take 2 - place with 21%. Together they account for 78%, which is slightly different from that of other analytical agency, Strategy Analytics, which in its outlook for IV quarter reported that the share of the "big two" have 92% of all mobile operating systems and room for other players, so most will not. Although overall statistics at different companies and, one must admit that the one thing they agree: Android snip off a bigger piece of the pie, rather than competitors. Although exact figures refer to 2013 is too early, given the fact that China can be regarded as a single largest market for smartphones and tablets. By and large, only the Chinese consumers of mobile gadgets on forces beyond the extent of global balance of power among vendors of devices and manufacturers of operating systems.

In January this year, the U.S. and China were side by side in terms of the activity of smartphones 222 million against 221 million, but by the end of the month and the number increased China overtook the United States for 16 million China has a significant growth potential that can really shake up the mobile industry . Apple separately identified China as a "stand-alone" and strategically most important market after several years of equating this country to the common "Asia-Pacific" group. Revenues in China from the "apple" of the company increased by 67% compared to the previous quarter, to $ 6.8 billion Rumors develop a separate pricing specifically for China in order to present the country's products for all budgets. The company also recently allowed Chinese consumers to buy the device in credit.


The study notes that while Android and will be lead by downloads, Apple will surpass rival in revenue.If it comes to monetization of applications through purchase or in-game transactions, subscriptions, etc., then the developers are willing to cooperate with the Apple App Store, ABI believes. "apple" of the company wins on the field of tablet devices - another reason, which is somewhat clouded success OS by Google. Of the approximately 14 billion downloads of applications for tablets, which analysts expect to ABI in 2013, 75% will account for iPad, and Android will get only 17%, Amazon - 4%, and Windows barely score 2%.


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