April 25, 2015

Mobile Ads Revenue of Facebook Grown by 73%

The number of users at least once a month visiting Facebook, increased by 13% to 1.44 billion. As the technology is changing day by day, so faster access for websites are available via Tablets, Smartphones and Mobile devices. A larger number of users are now logging on Facebook from mobile devices. According to web statistics, now it has reached out to around 1.25 billion people, which is 24% more than last year.

In the first quarter, total sales of Facebook increased compared to the first quarter of last year by more than 40% and reached US $ 3.54 billion. The volume of sales of ads on mobile devices increased by 59% to 2.59 billion dollars, that is 73% of total sales. Net profit, however, decreased by 20% to 512 million dollars, while earnings per share - 28% to US $ 0.18. Although the exclusion of the cost of stock-based compensation and related taxes and other payments, it would have grown up to $0.42 which is higher than last year's $0.35 per share.

Apart from the main mobile app, Facebook now has several, including Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. However, most of the revenue from advertising brings from the main application. Advertise on Instagram began running in 2013, but it is done, as the company said, slowly and gradually. In WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook recently launched the WhatsApp Call feature which can be activated by just receiving a call from already call activated WhatsApp friend.WhatsApp after first installation or activation shows free for one year with Premium features, but since I've been using my personal WhatsApp, the premium features are still going on. I wonder whether Facebook company will stop it or leave it. Instagram is already very popular and has already captured a great market. Now we have to see whether Facebook will merge these apps features or might launch one single app which can post separately to these apps. After Facebook acquired Atlas Advertising (Formerly Advertising Channel of Microsoft), their revenue has swiftly increasing plus their advertising platform has increased very well.

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