September 5, 2013

Microsoft Will Pay Over 5.44 Billion Euros for Purchase of Nokia

The American corporation Microsoft buys Finnish multinational Nokia for 5.44 billion euros which estimates to be equal to $7.2 Billion.

Under the agreement, the U.S. corporation will pay about 3.79 billion euros directly for phone Soup and about 1.65 billion euros for licenses to patents the Finnish company. According to the global media, the leaders of the two tech giants are planning to complete the transaction in the first quarter of 2014, provided that the shareholders approve Nokia and others are met the necessary conditions.

"This is a bold step into the future - a win-win for employees, shareholders and customers of both companies," - said the head of the U.S. corporation Steve Ballmer. Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nokia Risto Siilasmaa stressed that the association will be a new chapter for the Finnish company, primarily in financial terms. According to him, this deal is the best option for shareholders of Nokia.

As part of the announced agreement, Microsoft acquires "Telephone" direction of the Finnish manufacturer, including brand Lumia. In the second quarter of this year on the world market has sold 7.4 million handsets Lumia. Sales of feature phones Nokia in this period amounted to 53.7 million units. Upon completion of the deal, Nokia will continue to own the brand. As far as the platform is concerned, it will remain in the possession of the Finnish company, for which Microsoft will become a strategic licensee.

August 23 it became known about leaving Steve Ballmer as CEO of the American corporation, which will take place throughout the year. The company engaged in computer software, was founded in 1975. Ballmer took over as CEO from Microsoft in January 2008, replacing founder Bill Gates Corporation. During his tenure with the company, he made ​​a lot of high-profile deals, in particular, bought the Estonian Skype.

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