March 1, 2013

Microsoft Suspends Update Release Windows Phone 7.8

In late January, Microsoft started with mobile operators work to release updated Windows Phone 7.8 for smartphones at the seventh version of the mobile platform. However, this process is not as smooth as we would like, and reports of this suspension is more found even on Live. The process of updating started giving some errors, because of the constant failed requests to the servers and secondly displaying the nasty error on the screen. The first problem in the end lead to shortened battery life due to increased energy consumption and an increase in traffic consumed.


German representation mobile operator company Vodafone, this week released a statement on the suspension of the release of updates for devices Nokia Lumia. Microsoft intends to solve the above problems, before continuing update release, although an official statement about the work to solve the problem still was not done. Let's see whether they continue this statement or get things on the smooth track and solve the issues.

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