Microsoft starts selling tablet Surface C Windows 8 Pro


MOSCOW, February 9 – RIA Novosti. , Microsoft Begins Saturday Sale in the us and Canada Surface Computer tablet with a Fully Functional version of Windows 8 Pro, which will be one of the most expensive in its segment.

Unlike the Debut version Surface-based RT Windows, a new version of the device is positioned as a full replacement Laptop. In Particular, Surface C Windows 8 Pro supports running applications written for previous versions of Windows.

Western Observers, to Test the new model in the Surface in anticipation of the start of sales ITS Indicate That the Unit is full of compromises . Through Performance Allows IT hardware without delay to work with multiple applications, but the battery life is less than the competition on other platforms, and the weight and size – more.

Microsoft has introduced a new tablet computer Surface

Price of the device in the US market will be 899 and $ 999 for a model with 64 GB of memory and 128 respectively. The price of the tablet is not included attachable keyboard cover needed for comfortable work with large amounts of text. For comparison, iPad with 64 GB of memory without a cell module is US $ 699, and recently released a 128-gigabyte version – $ 799.