Microsoft: Skype Will Become an Integral Part of Win 8.1


After acquiring Skype, Microsoft is giving some extra attention to its product for Video calling and chatting software. They have already started ads embedded in the Skype software, but some issues came to knowledge about Skype being installed from third party websites were stealing users info and profiles. Some cases also arise when Internet usage by Skype increase significantly. This all happened because some third party websites were offering Skype software with bugs and Internet hacked toolbars.

Keeping in view all the issues, now Microsoft has officially announced that the service Skype from Windows 8.1 will be pre-installed in its desktop operating system and joined the list of other applications and services platform. In other words, now the owners of Windows 8.1 and above will be able to immediately after installing the operating system or buying a new PC without the hassle to deal with more than 300 million Skype users worldwide. At the same time this will increase significantly Skype new users.

According to the company, communication should be an integral part of the environment Windows, and in this regard the emergence of Skype in Windows 8.1 is only the next natural step in this direction. At the same time Microsoft promises to continuously develop new options for Skype, while continuing to focus on usability.

Microsoft notes that it will listen to user’s feedback, improving service Skype, which is the standard for communication in Windows 8.1. The official launch of the free upgrade Windows 8.1 is expected on October 18, and in the Windows Store for Windows 8, it should be available on October 17.

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