July 8, 2014

Microsoft presented Nokia X2 with Google Android Support

Nokia has always appeared on scene with its awe-inspiring products in handsets. This time again, Nokia, with collaboration of Microsoft, has tried to make it different for its clients to have more fun and amazing experience with its Nokia X.

On Tuesday Microsoft and Nokia in there public ceremony unveiled their New Nokia X2 with Google Android support having apex features, Apps, colors and of-course as usual with incredible budget supporting prices as Nokia always do for its clients.

Specification of Nokia X2 with Google Android

This Nokia X2 with Google Android, by Microsoft, is a 4.3 inch WVGA handset with clear black LCD display screen. Its 1.2 GHZ Dual-core, snapdragon, processor is its peculiarity. It has an amazing storage capacity of 4 GB internal storage supporting 32 Micro SD external card and 15 GB One Drive storage.

It has 1 GB RAM and Runs OS Android system of Nokia X having metro type tiles on top. The revived version of Nokia X is named as “Nokia X software Plateform 2.0”

It has awe-inspiring dual cameras with back one which 5 mega pixels and a VGA front facing camera. The New Nokia X supports many apps like Skype video calling, Outlook messenger, One Drive, Here maps app, Mix radio, While being search browser, Yammer, Xbox games which can be downloaded from Nokia App store as well as from third party store which is also available in Nokia X.

Microsoft’s Nokia X has battery timings of 1800 mAh. This outstanding handset will be available in variety of colors. Glossy green, Orange and black at the time of its launch in late July while Glossy Yellow, White and Matt Grey after some time of its launch. Nokia is expecting from its clients to have an amazing experience and fun with its new inception so called Nokia X.

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